Severe Tooth Loss Periodontitis Might Be Addressed by Dentures

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The American Dental Association notes that a significant number of people over the age of 60 suffer from moderate to severe gum disease. Chronic, severe gum disease (known as periodontitis) can cause significant infection in the gums near the roots of teeth. In time, it can even cause a loss of bone structure, causing the loss of a high number of teeth.

In a situation like this, Dr. David E. Pearson might recommend having your remaining teeth extracted at his clinic in Lawrenceville, Georgia. This will be start to the process of fitting you for dentures. This can effectively restore the full function and appearance of your teeth for the long term.

You might only need to have your upper teeth or lower set of teeth replaced by dentures. Most people in a situation like this will opt to have both sets of teeth extracted, to take care of the issues in a single session.

After the extraction procedure, once your gums have been sutured, Dr. David E. Pearson will make an impression of the structure of your gums. This will be sent to a dental lab to serve as a guide for creating the dentures.

The custom fit of your dentures will help them fit firmly with the existing structure of your gums. However, many denture wearers like to use denture adhesive for an extra secure hold. Denture adhesive also has the added benefit of helping to prevent stray food particles from getting between the base of the dentures and your gums.

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