General Information about Healthy Food Choices

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Although many foods and drinks can damage your teeth, there are some products that can enhance them. These products include crunchy foods that are high in water, as the water is useful in washing away harmful materials to help keep your teeth clean. Furthermore, the ingredients in food may also help enhance your oral health.

Saliva is a natural process in your mouth that will assist in washing away harmful debris and plaque buildup, as well as aid you in neutralizing harmful acids on your teeth that cause dental erosion. To help assist your mouth in producing saliva, try crunchy, watery foods such as pears and apples, as well as chewing sugarless gum after meals.

If you are looking to protect your tooth enamel, try eating foods high in minerals that enhance and remineralize your tooth enamel. This includes products that are high in minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, including milk, nuts, cheeses, and many types of meats, specifically chicken.

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