Enjoy the New Year with Your New Smile Thanks to Gum Disease Risk Factor Prevention

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In order to protect your oral health, it is a good idea to avoid any potential tooth hazards or forms of dental damage in your everyday life. However, there are numerous risk factors that can exist some of which you may have no control over. Either way, it is a good idea to have a preventive damage plan in place to protect your teeth and gums. For example, are you aware of the risk factors for gum disease?

Several factors exist to increase your odds of developing or contracting gum disease. Concerning your gums, it’s important to not only protect yourself against the food you eat but to practice effective oral health care cleaning procedures and monitor any lifestyle changes that you have. In some cases, gum disease can arise due to genetic predispositions or even hormonal changes, so it is important to always monitor your smile to determine if the disease is developing.

A poor diet and poor oral hygiene are known causes of gum disease. This is important to make sure that you are always receiving the proper nutrition and avoiding harmful products such as sugars and acids that can easily contribute to gum tissue infection. In addition, make sure you’re cleaning your mouth every day. For additional help treating and preventing gum disease, always make sure you’re visiting your periodontist for routine checkups.

Exercise caution with any lifestyle changes that you may have. If you’re suffering from diabetes, you will be at a much higher risk for numerous infectious diseases, including gum disease. In addition, if you are a smoker, a heavy drug user, or chew tobacco, your mouth will be susceptible to numerous all ailments including gum disease. Thus, it is important to eliminate all such habits from your life.

There truly is no better way to enhance your smile than with gum disease prevention. If you would like to discuss gum disease prevention and have your teeth examined by our team at David E. Pearson DMD PC, please book an appointment with Dr. David E. Pearson and our team at our periodontic office.  To initiate a visit with us in Lawrenceville, Georgia, call our office at 770.995.9051.