4 Risk Factors for Periodontal Disease

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Gum disease, also called gingivitis, affects many people. However, with the proper understanding and care, it can be prevented in most cases. Here are 4 common risk factors that increase your probability of getting gingivitis.

Stress: Increased stress in your life impedes your immune system. This makes it harder fight off infection, including gum disease. Stress can also lead to a temporomandibular joint disorder or bruxism. Both of these conditions make it hard to fully take care of your beautiful smile.

Genetics: Some people are simply more prone to gum disease than other people. This does not make gum disease inevitable. With proper oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist, you can still prevent much gum disease.

Smoke and tobacco use: Using tobacco and other smoking drugs is damaging not only to your overall health, but they also specifically put you at risk for periodontal disease. The frequency and length of time you have smoked is directly and positively correlated to your risk for gingivitis and advanced gum disease.

Bruxism: For some people, grinding teeth is a bad habit. For others, it happens at night and is often hard to control. This grinding will not cause gum disease, but it will make things worse if your gums are already infected.

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